Arizona Shooting Locations

Special thanks to John Furman of Arizona Gun Talk for creating and maintaining this map!

A Note from the map creator:

I created this map for Arizona Gun Talk to show the community members where they can shoot in the state of Arizona.

You can find Arizona Gun Talk at on Facebook: here

This map shows various places where you can target shoot in Arizona. Shooting ranges are marked with red stars and open land to shoot on is marked with the red pins.

The open land areas for target shooting occasionally have fire restrictions that prohibit target shooting. Most of these areas are National Forest and BLM land. You can see current regulations on the Forest Service and BLM websites.

As always, it is very important that you PICK UP YOUR TRASH when you're out shooting. Do not leave junk! This includes brass and shotgun shells. There are a lot of reloaders in this state who will be happy to take your brass and shotgun shells from you, some may even pay you a few bucks for them.

This map is intended just to cover the popular shooting locations. There are countless more areas you are able to shoot on open land. Do your research and see what kind of land it is. BLM land and National Forest land are generally OK to shoot on (with a few exceptions). You are not allowed to shoot on State Trust land or State Park land.

Thank you

--John Furman