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2016-03-18 - Rio TNS 2016 data reprocessed

I just reprocessed all the 2016 Rio Tuesday Night Steel data. If you've been seeing missing or duplicate data for that time period, it should be fixed now. Let me know if not. Thanks!

2016-01-28 - Rio TNS processing fixed

Something changed with how the folks at Rio Salado upload the match results, and it's been breaking my processing. It's fixed now, and the stats are current once again. They should be automatically updated weekly, the morning after the match.

2015-12-30 - IPv6 Support

A backend/systems update today... the site is now available over IPv6! If you know what this is and are able to test, please let me know if you have any trouble. Otherwise, carry on. :)

2015-11-19 - Cactus Thursday scores broken again

As of last Thursday, the Cactus Thursday scores aren't getting pushed again. I need to fetch them straight from Practiscore, rather than getting the link from the Cactus site... should be a pretty straightforward fix (I think), but haven't gotten to it yet.

2015-11-17 - iOS mobile app released!

I'm happy to announce that I have released a mobile, offline-capable version of the classifier calculator for iOS! Get it here.

2015-11-09 - Updated Cactus stats for Practiscore

Cactus's Thursday night match recently switched to scoring with Practiscore. I've updated the code to account for this, and it's processing normally again.